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About Me

Hello there, I’m Yellowish. I am twentysomething and I live in Washington DC.

The first thing people notice about me is that I am yellowish, which compels some  people to ask me where I am from. I always tell them I am from Washington DC. When they ask me where I am really from, I say I used to live in McLean, VA. What I’d really like to tell people, sometimes, is “I’m from a country called Asia. Everyone there is yellow like me.”  Because that’s what I think certain people hear, no matter which country I mention.

Here are some Asian Girl stereotypes that apply to me:

  • I am considered “good at math” by American standards, even though I flunked geometry and trigonometry at my Super-Competitive Asian High School.
  • My boyfriend is a nerdy white guy. (And Jewish! Do I get bonus points?)
  • I’m the straight-faced, efficient assistant to a Wacky Middle-Aged White Guy Executive.
  • I’m a Yelp Elite member.
  • I like knee-high socks.
  • The only TV channels I watch are Food Network and NHK.
  • Part of the reason my parents kicked me out of the house and cut me off financially at age 20 was because I refused to apply to the Prestigious University both my parents went to.
  • If you ask me where the best Chinese restaurant nearby is (even though I’m not Chinese), I will go on a rant about how all Chinese take-out is not Westernized crapola. Crab rangoon, bitch? No traditional Chinese dish has cream cheese in it!

However, I never learned to play piano or violin. I did play the saxophone for a couple of years, though.

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